Track one: Synergize

Adding Value to Your Firm

This track looks at the challenges and priorities relevant to firm owners and management by identifying opportunities for marketing professionals to add greater value and impact at their firms.

Track 1 Programming Will be presented in Room: Honolulu 1

Ryan Suydam   Chief Experience Officer, Client Savvy

Ryan Suydam

Chief Experience Officer, Client Savvy

How to Ride Any Wave (Bonus: One Board to Catch them all)

Thursday, January 31 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

In business, problems are like waves. They come one after another, they don’t stop, and each one is different. Build your seat at the leadership table by learning (and applying) a simple process to diagnose, quantify, and solve ANY business problem.

By applying a “POWER Goals” approach you will quickly identify solutions to any challenge: marketing, sales, project delivery, staffing, or business management. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to build buy-in and enthusiasm for the most important waves you want to surf. We’ll also explore how Client Experience (CX) is ONE solution to 23 common business problems – a case study to demonstrate the POWER Goals process and leave you prepared to show your leaders how to ride any wave, anytime.

Jenn Bollenbacher   Director of People & Culture, Harder Mechanical Contractors

Jenn Bollenbacher

Director of People & Culture, Harder Mechanical Contractors

Alina Houston   Marketing Coordinator, R&H Construction

Alina Houston

Marketing Coordinator, R&H Construction

Where the Surf Meets the Sand - Marketing Strategies that Support your HR initiatives

Thursday, January 31 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

In a time when qualified candidates are hard to find and talented employees are hard to keep, marketing professionals have the opportunity to broaden their influence in their firm by applying strategic marketing principles to an internal audience – their current and future employees. Every firm prioritizes winning work, but how many of us are prepared to adequately staff that work as our firms grow?

Marketers are uniquely positioned to understand what sets their firms apart and demonstrate the firm’s competitive edge. Shifting your mindset from sales targets & client pursuits to recruiting & employee engagement can have a lasting impact on the growth of your company and can further develop your career path.

Chuck Roberts   Performance Management Group, Inc.

Chuck Roberts

Performance Management Group, Inc.

The Invisible Edge: Inside the Secret world of Ghostwriting

Thursday, January 31 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

A/E/C firms have begun using ghostwriting for proposal preparation to overcome technical and marketing personnel shortages and are finding it provides unexpected benefits. These range from improving win rates and morale to solving project management and communication issues, and serving as a differentiator that improves client perceptions of their firm's value.

This session reveals secrets of the ghostwriting industry, showing how big it is, how it's accomplished at A/E/C firms, and how it will affect your role and impact perceptions of your performance as a marketer. You'll learn about the three levels of ghostwriting, the pros and cons, how to integrate market intelligence into the process, key actions to make it a success, the economics of the approach, and case studies. The knowledge you'll gain will enhance your reputation as a thought leader, help you to proactively get ahead of a trend sweeping the industry, and support your career advancement.

Judy Johnson   Client Account Manager, Jacobs

Judy Johnson

Client Account Manager, Jacobs

Dev Krishnan   President & CEO, KKCS

Dev Krishnan

President & CEO, KKCS

Being the Big Kahuna: Your guide to priming mega projects

Friday, February 1 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Pursuing a mega project is not an easy task, regardless of whether your firm is big or small. There’s a lot that goes into the effort from the time an opportunity is identified to the time of award. What works for one opportunity, may not work for another, and for various reasons. Marketers add value to their firm when they understand the strategy and mechanics of the pursuit process and how teaming arrangements affect their firm and its bottom line.

This best practices seminar dives into the pursuit process and is about effectively positioning your firm, calculating the real cost of production, and identifying the best teaming structure for an opportunity. Case studies will be given from both a small and large firm perspective and will include best practices and lessons learned on strategic positioning, approaching a teaming partner, and deciding the team structure.

Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM   Lieutenant Leadership, TankGirl Marketing

Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM

Lieutenant Leadership, TankGirl Marketing

Kathryn Ness, CPSM   Partner, GO Strategies

Kathryn Ness, CPSM

Partner, GO Strategies

Ke kūkaʻi i waena nā hoa hana a nā luna (The Exchange Between Colleagues and Bosses)

Friday, February 1 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

This interactive presentation provides marketing and business development professionals the results from primary, qualitative research that identifies similarities and differences each side of the table experience in communicating, networking and managing daily distractions. The primary research, gathered from phone interviews of both agency staff and consultants and online surveys, provides the foundation for audience discussion and discovery. The session also features professionals from a guest agency as well as a technical professional for further insight and perspective. This is an interactive session, comments and questions will be welcomed and encouraged throughout the presentation. Attendees will take away valuable “So Whats” on how communicating, networking and managing time distractions affect both sides of the table, and how this greater understanding will make both agencies and consultants more successful.

Ralph Kison, CSE, CME   Growth Through Learning, Inc.

Ralph Kison, CSE, CME

Growth Through Learning, Inc.

Riding the Wave to Win - Selling & Doing by design

Friday, February 1 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Although confident in their technical abilities, AEC practitioners are realizing that business development is necessary for growing their business, securing profitable work, and an essential skill for advancing into leadership or becoming a partner.

Industry trends reveal that non-technical business developers are on the decline. Technical experts are facing the reality of not only doing the work but also selling it! Ralph will present a proven BD process tailored to the AEC sector. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Stop “selling” and lead clients to an informed value-based buying decision

  • Successfully differentiate themselves and their brand on the value of their services and expertise, not low fee

  • Apply a logical and intuitive BD process that elicits positive client responses

  • Utilize a BD frame work that appeals to technical professionals and eliminates the stigma of being “salesy”