Get ready to experience a brand new program mashup featuring three of our distinguished SMPS Fellows. It's called MAX-F (MAX to the power of F), created specifically for the 2018 SMPS PRC. 

The SMPS MAX™ (Market.Act.eXchange) format provides a short-form, creative, fresh platform to celebrate and exchange marketing-led innovations, big ideas, and inspiring stories. MAX helps open our minds to possibilities. MAX-F delivers insights and world-changing ideas from your Society's Fellows.

Your emcee and host, Josh Miles, will guide you through our MAX-F program, featuring a great mix of topics:

  • Barbara Shuck - The Pitfalls and Purpose of Passion
  • Sharyn Yorio – Marketing’s Engagement in the Project Cycle
  • Ted Sive – Your ‘Why’ is Both Everything and Yet Nothing... By Itself (Why I’m a Cynic of Sinek)

2018 SMPS PRC is the only place to experience this brand new program. Don't miss it.