"Vital is a gift. He has an amazing POV on creativity and team development. His energy is infectious and his advice is actionable and inspiring."

- Tim Sanders, Former CFO Yahoo

Vital Germaine

Vital Germaine is a Belgian National with a British accent, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who got to live the American dream by way of a French Canadian circus.

No, seriously.

You don’t want to miss this:

INNOVATION MINDSET – inspiring tomorrow’s business mind to reach higher and see further.

Vital Germaine’s experiential keynotes deliver actionable and relevant learning tools designed to engage, inspire and disrupt. His innovative platform under the umbrella of his company ENGAGEteams360 advances today’s thinking trends. You and your team will be empowered to create more effective and efficient strategies and action plans, leading to improved customer and business outcomes. 

Vital will breakdown how the innovation mindset can be taught, fostered and integrated into your culture, workspace scenarios and even your personal life.  Learn more in his newest book, IMAGINATION WILL TAKE YOU EVERYWHERE,” Shaping the Mindset of Transformation and Innovation for Leaders and Cultures.