history of the SMPS pacific regional conference

Future Conference Locations

2020 – Las Vegas, NV (hosted by: Las Vegas Chapter)


Past Conference Locations

2019 – Honolulu, HI (hosted by: Hawaii Chapter)

2018 – Napa, CA (hosted by: San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)

2017 – Anchorage, AK (hosted by: Alaska Chapter)

2016 – Palm Springs, CA (hosted by: Los Angeles Chapter)

2015 – Seattle, WA (hosted by: Seattle Chapter)

2014 – Huntington Beach, CA (hosted by: Orange County Chapter)

2013 – Portland, OR (hosted by: Oregon Chapter)

2012 – San Diego, CA (hosted by: San Diego Chapter)

2011 – Sacramento, CA (hosted by: Sacramento Chapter)

2010 – Sacramento, CA (hosted by: Sacramento Chapter)