Speakers: Damion Morris, Frank Lippert, Tracy Librea, Alethea O'Dell & Carmen Gonzalez

“Business transformed through marketing leadership” means that marketing leaders must be activists for human potential. That means acting for, not just talking about, diversity and inclusion. Diversity is becoming more expected in the workplace—especially as a new generation of workers moves in—and it can be the ultimate competitive brand advantage. Research demonstrates that diversity and inclusion nurture individual and overall firm success, and is a cornerstone of creativity. However, women and minority participation in the AEC industry is low and the effort to be more inclusive is challenging.
This interactive panel will take a closer look at diversity and inclusion in the A/E/C industry, why it matters not only for individuals. On a firm‐wide level, we will examine the role Marketing and Business Development professionals play in promoting diversity and inclusion. In a time of greater competition and swift changes in the business environment, it is the firms best equipped to engage their entire workforce that will thrive