Track 2: Bait the Hook

Bait the Hook

Making Advocates out of Adversaries

Presented by Bernie Siben, CPSM

Developing and maintaining great relationships with clients is vital to the success of any A/E/C firm. But first, there must be a good relationship between the marketing/business development and technical groups. This session explores why the relationship between these two groups is so often adversarial, why many firms view their marketers/BD staff as not really contributing to the firm’s bottom line, and what marketers/BD staff can do to alter these perceptions. Specific issues to be addressed include:

  • Each group’s perception of the other;
  • The firm’s focus on billable hours and how this informs the relationship;
  • What marketers need to do for the technical folks;
  • How marketers can become billable and be seen as contributing members of the team; and
  • The difference between what marketers do and how they do it.

Questions are encouraged during the presentation and in a formal Q&A session at the end.

Siben - redBernie Siben, CPSM
Bernie Siben, CPSM, has 35 years of experience in strategic consulting and writing for A/E/C and related firms, including almost 30 years in management positions. He has developed strategic plans, SOQs, proposals, and SF 254/255/330s for transportation; utilities; parks; water quality; asbestos abatement; and environmental permitting projects. He has written for SMPS’s Marketer, CE News, Civil + Structural Engineer, Zweig Marketing Letter, and A/E Rainmaker, and a book on public sector A/E marketing (“A Horse of a Different Color: Marketing in the Public Sector”). Bernie has presented to numerous SMPS and AIA chapters and regional conferences, SDA and other groups.

Bring the Thunder: Thought Leadership that Goes Boom

Presented by Josh Miles

Your firm employs some incredibly bright people. They’re entrusted with highly-complex challenges on a daily basis, and they solve these seemingly insurmountable problems with ease. But how can you get all of the brainpower that’s locked in their heads, out of the clouds, and crashing into Social Media the rest of the market? How might your marketing and business development efforts be different if you were able to share all of that incredible knowledge? Prepare to unlock the secrets to electrify your prospects with educational content, and rain down on the competition. You’ll learn how to bring in a front of thought leadership, attract bolts of sharing and publishing of your content, and bring the thunder of thought leadership to guide leads and prospects through your sales funnel. If you’re ready for the BOOM, join Josh for Bring the Thunder!

josh-miles-300Josh Miles
Josh Miles is a caffeine and Twitter addict, and the principal and founder of Indianapolis-based branding firm, Miles Design. His role at Miles Design consists of leading brand strategy, business development, and firm-wide marketing. Josh Miles speaks from coast to coast on branding, digital marketing, and social media, and is a past TedX presenter. Josh was honored as 40 Under 40 by both Indianapolis Business Journal and Delta Sigma Phi. Josh is the author of the Content Marketing Institute book, Bold Brand. Josh lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two ridiculously cute kiddos.

Ignite Your Firm’s Potential: Strategic Brand Alignment for Superior Performance

Presented by Dan Caine

This session is for marketing and business development leaders and managers who want to expand their influence and impact into the ‘big-­‐picture’, strategic core of their organization. This session provides a framework for how to ignite a new level of clarity, focus, differentiation and competitive advantage. By activating and aligning everyone and everything you’re your firm does around an integrated, shared strategic vision, you’ll get more from your organization so that you can deliver more to your clients, community and the world.

Participants will learn how to play a vital leadership role as strategists, communicators, innovators and connectors through the use of:

  • Internal research and client assessments to reveal core capabilities and ‘blue ocean’ opportunities;
  • Leading edge tools to measure and optimize ‘organizational fitness’; and
  • An integrated approach to brand building and strategic development supported by real-­‐world examples from several A/E/C firms.

Dan CaineDan Caine
Dan has directed strategy and business planning, organizational change and team‐building initiatives for a variety of organizations, including professional services firms, technology and manufacturing companies and non‐profit organizations. The focus of his work has been to bring people together around a shared vision for greater performance, innovation, inspiration and satisfaction. His multi‑disciplined background as a strategist and creative producer, facilitator and manager, have contributed to innovative, team‑driven projects that energize and focus resulting in accelerated progress and tangible results. Dan has first‑hand experiences with A/E/C firms,
having served as managing principal for Olson/Sundberg for eight years, as principal on projects for WATG, MulvannyG2, Miyamoto, GGLO and Sellen, as well as work for Microsoft, Avira, eBay and others. Dan has an MA in Public Affairs and Arts Management and is a Certified Coach and trainer in emotional intelligence with Six Seconds and a graduate of the Transformative Leadership Program (LIOS).

Drive Performance to a Higher Level with Marketing Analytics

Presented by Chuck Roberts

Large companies that produce consumer products (such as Coca-Cola) gather mountains of data that support a highly analytical quantitative approach to marketing. In the A/E/C industry, the collection and analysis of such data is uneconomical. However, there are a number of analytical tools capable of helping you achieve a higher level of performance that can be applied with little cost in a qualitative or semi-quantitative manner and that don’t require special mathematical skills. These tools can provide a competitive advantage because few firms in the A/E/C industry know about them or use them. In this session you’ll learn how and when to use five analytical tools that will change how you approach your work, strengthen your decision making, enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your organization, and enable you to achieve greater success.

Chuck Roberts PR PhotoChuck Roberts
Chuck knows our industry well because he’s an engineer with 33 years of experience at A/E/C firms ranging from start-ups to over $3 billion in revenue and has served as technical seller/doer, Corporate Director of Business Development, COO, and CEO. His experience includes strategic planning, launching and leading new market segment, service, and geographic initiatives, company and office startups, turning around underperforming business units, and acquisitions. He is the author of the ACEC best seller “A/E/C Megatrends: The Path to Competitive Advantage” and “Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations,” and is the Founder, President, and CEO of Performance Management Group, Inc.

Hook, Line and Sinker: 4 Important Skills that will Elevate You from “One of the Pack” to “The One”

Presented by Susan Murphy and Deborah Briers, CPSM, MBA

Speakers Susan Murphy, a prominent executive speaking, leadership and communications trainer and Deborah Briers, CPSM, storyteller and BD professional who takes winning very seriously, will take attendees on a journey from “been there, everyone does that” me-based marketing to “wow, you really get us” client/value-focused win strategies.

The four skills that will be covered include:

  1. How to identify your firm’s unique selling proposition and communicate it in a way that will make clients want to hear more.
  2. How to build relationships through the art of “ask then shut up and listen”.
  3. How to develop client-specific content that will stand out from the competition.
  4. Secrets to giving presentations that start with asking the interview panel what they need and end with a demonstration of your clairvoyance, empathy and ability to make their life a more wonderful experience.

Encouraging the audience to participate by providing real-life situations will enable Susan and Deborah to go beyond describing “what to do” and enable them to show attendees how they can apply each skill and add value to their firms.

Susan Murphy-DSC_5584Susan Murphy
Susan Murphy is the Johnny Appleseed of Presentation and Communication Skills, spreading seeds of good communication. Her career began teaching high school and working in travel industry marketing, evolving into Club Med Travel Industry Marketing Director. She joined Communispond, coaching presentation and selling skills to the Fortune 500. Five years later, Murphy Motivation and Training was born where her irreverence and humor eases uncomfortable professionals during training sessions. The A/E/C world discovered her when she spoke at SMPS National in Boston many years ago. Since then, she has specialized in helping A/E/C professionals hone their communication and interview skills.

Deb BriersDeborah Briers, CPSM, MBA
A self-proclaimed word nerd and 18-year veteran of the AEC industry, Debbie refers to herself as “The Goose” because she tells stories, facilitates team formation and “honks” about what’s happening. On any given day she can be found writing, coaching, blogging, researching, meeting, networking or developing strategies for doing what she loves best – winning great projects. Fascinated with how architecture transforms spaces and experiences, she visits architectural icons around the world, delighting in aesthetics and the stories they tell. With a BSBA from UC Berkeley and an MBA in Marketing from USC, she brings value by understanding the client’s perspective.