Conference Schedule

2017 conference schedule

Track 1 – Business Development: Navigate Rough Seas
Every business development professional can get battered by rough seas as they bring in more work. The programs in this track will lead you to a safe harbor where it’s easy to reel in your catch.

Track 2 – Marketing Tips and Tricks: Create an Upswell
When it comes to your marketing materials and strategies, it’s up to you to create an upswell. The programs in this track will provide you with the tools that will make your marketing efforts surge above the rest.

Track 3 – Personal Professional Development: Shake Things Up
Tsunamis are created by earthquakes! The programs in this track will give you energy and momentum to make your career rise up to the next level.



Check out these great potential options for this years Restaurant Round-up!

Potential Restaurants

49th State Brewing Company

Club Paris

Crow’s Nest

Fat Ptarmigan


Glacier Brewhouse 

Haute Quarter Grill

Marx Brothers Café


Sacks Café

Simon & Seaforts

Tequila 61

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