Conference Schedule

Ride The Super Wave

PRC 2017 will feature several special programs and 15 break-out sessions divided into three tracks. You will experience three amazing days packed full of tips and tricks in a schedule you can customize to meet your needs. Select your sessions from one track or mix it up as you wish.

Track 1: Business Development: Navigate Rough Seas: Every business development professional can get bettered by rough seas as they bring in new work. The programs in this track will lead you to safe harbor where it’s easy to reel in your catch.

Track 2: Marketing Tips and Tricks: Create an Upswell: When it comes to marketing materials and strategies, it’s up to you to create an upswell. The programs in this track will provide you with tools that will make your marketing efforts surge above the rest.

Track 3: Personal Professional Development: Shake Things Up: Tsunamis are created by earthquakes! The programs in this track will give you energy and momentum to make your career rise up to the next level.

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